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Life is amazing

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For most of my adulthood, I’ve been looking into what I call the unfortunate part of my life and character. For a very long time I’ve been pointing finger and not doing much about I’m pointing at. Just one simple night sitting on my bed, I pointed innocently at my laptop, and realized that there are three other fingers pointing back at me. Got my thinking cab on the roll. Most of what I want to change about my life, I have to do all by myself.

‘Because of you’~played a huge role in my life, in my whole being. I’ve just realized that I’ve been subconsciously making excuses not to work as hard as I can and however much God knows I can and how much will power He has blessed me with.

I started paying attention, paying attention to perceptions of people I respect and value in my life, about my whole character. I admitted firstly to myself my whole weaknesses. I’ve accepted that people make mistakes and reminded myself also that I’m part of ‘the people’ that I’m talking about. I started looking firstly at my strongest points. And discovered that God has blessed me with a forgiving heart and great sense of understanding, and an immaculate soul.
I’ve given all that to the world, but my biggest mistake was not realizing that I can give it back to my soul too. That I deserved all that, and I can forgive myself for my past mistakes and enjoy a God given splendid chance to a beautiful inception.

It’s never too late for a whole new different inception. And thank God for some of the amazing people in my life for having to subconsciously make me realize how happy and beautiful I can always be.
My heart, its free off a lot a burden I’ve been feeding it unnecessarily. I’ve learned the hard way, but thank God I’ve learnt.

The one person I have to live to make and keep happy.. I’m your gift. I’m your God given gift and I’m going to fight to take your pain away. You remind me of how strong and willing and doing I can be.

For reminding me of principles, standards and prayer. And how much value they weigh in life. For reminding me NEVER to set them lower than my worth and sticking to them. “The standards you set for ur life must be tested,and God will bring people your way to test it, then you’ll be trusted.”

Now that I know better and the track in front of me is clear off hurdles, its all up to me. To sprint as freely and as fast as God wills.#MHN

I know better not to look back and want to go back to try fix anything, I know better to remember the lessons in the future.#MHN

Success is facing my fears and mistakes in the most positive way and overcoming them. It isn’t purely wealth or material possessions, or the image I portray as one of the ‘beautiful people’. Life’s full of challenges, and it’s all about how you carry them.

We can’t be satisfies only with satisfying our personal comforts. We’re our sisters’ and brother’s keepers. We must live consciously and realize that ever decision has repercussions.

Mpho Hellen Nare..


Mpho Belle-Hellen Nare
a microbiology student, lover of Medicine..a beautiful saint!!


life is amazing when you pay attention to things that matters

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I am blessed with a wonderful family.. i have a brother, far from perfect but i love him to bits. He is perfect at bringing out the worst in me and yet,i am still greatful i have a brother…

my younger sister, the Sunshine of the family..sweet as ever,only when it pleases i dont understand her sometimes and she and i are far from thinking alike,OMG,i get so damn worked up about decisions she takes sometimes, but hey, in my prayers, in my heart, i thank the Lord for giving me her as my sister.. she is my darling sister…

my little niece.. i have never ever met anyone as stubborn as my little niece. it doesn’t matter who you are, you could never make her do anything she doesn’t want to do.. i love her to bits and she adores me, she says sometimes that i look like some of her barbie dolls and she tries some of my hairstyles on her when she goes to school and for that she gets into so much trouble with my mom,her gran !!! for her being herself, we get to see a lot of my late sister,her mom in her… Our angel in heaven,we know she shines down on us,daily..

my mom… the strongest woman i have lived to know. i and so so thankful to the almighty Lord for giving me her. she is our mother and our father. i will do anything for her. the rock of our lives,she is our everything and God knows,i could never survive without her.she made me the woman that i am now,i love the person that i am and the strong independent woman that i have become and its all hail, my dear mother…honestly, if she hadnt been so hard on me, i woulnd have been as proud of the person i have become as i am today. i am adamant,i have solidly become stronger and i know where i am, where i come from and where i am going and how i am getting to my destination…….

Remolebogile Ntsakiso Nare!! Beautiful creations of God through man and woman..damn,the family is blessed with a smart good looking young man. He’s a blessing, he’s the heart of the family now, the beautiful creation of the my darling sister Sunshine. I love my nephew and my niece.

its really amazing how much i have grown to be me.. nothing can shake this…

Mpho Belle-Hellen Nare
a microbiology student, lover of Medicine..a beautiful saint!!